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West Bann Development


About Us

West Bann Development is a Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee based in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. The main objective of the organisation is to regenerate the West Bann area in Coleraine.



Services/Programmes Delivered by West Bann Development


Community Education Programme which aims to address the training and educational needs of local residents, through the provision of computer, educational and work related classes and courses of study. The rationale behind this programme was to empower those living in the area with the skills, attributes and self-capacity to better meet the needs of the local labour market and more generally to better meet the demands of their daily lives.


Early Years Programme which aims to provide an excellent and accessible early year’s service for the local community. The overall aim of this service was to provide training, advice, support and networking opportunities for parents and children residing in the local area.

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Health and Well Being Programme which aims to provide complementary therapy treatments and exercise activities with specific objectives of reducing stress and promoting better lifestyle and health options.


Good Morning Causeway which is a free confidential community based telephone support service for older and vulnerable people supporting them to remain independent in their own homes. Service users are contacted up to five mornings a week by telephone to check on their wellbeing. The service enables users to share worries and concerns and connects them with local community activities and services. This helps alleviate the fear of crime, anti-social behavior and provides peace of mind for family and carers.

Provision of Facilities at the Centre for use by the Local community and the delivery of additional services by Statutory, community and voluntary agencies.


Provision of Low Cost Business Units designed to encourage the formation of new businesses in the area in an effort to relieve unemployment and poverty.

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